WARNING SECRET INTELLIGENCE LEAK Planned April 8th Solar Eclipse Biological Attack

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WARNING SECRET INTELLIGENCE LEAK Planned April 8th Solar Eclipse Biological Attack

They are planning a biological attack on April 8th, just before the totality of the eclipse. This is how it’s going to go down. Planes will be delivering their payload at three intervals.

First will be 2 hours before totality, 1 hour before totality and final one 30 mins before totality. The planes will be deploying a dry powder (bacterial bioweapon). It will not be visible. You won’t see it from the planes or the sky. It’s meant to infect through aerosol delivery. The first two planes will be at standard altitude, the final plane will be at approximately 10,000 – 15,000 feet.

The path of flight will begin from the northeast, and they will travel down the central path of totality heading west-south-west, keeping in pace with the totality of the eclipse. They are doing this to take advantage of the event because they know there will be guaranteed targets that will be infected, and thus be the vectors to spread the contagion.

Symptoms will begin appearing 7 – 10 days after infection. 30 days after infection the media will notice. 60 days after infection the panic will at all-time highs. 90 days after infection the newly agreed upon UN/WHO pandemic powers will be enacted. And you know what will happen next. People in the path of totality should not go outside.

Bacterial payload will lose effectiveness within 6 hours post deployment. Half-life of powder with vary on humidity and temperature. The staring point is in Canada, the end point is in Mexico. Winds are the unpredictable factor, as is rain. Both of which will negatively impact the operation.